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A Graduate software developer with an Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development, looking for work either in the games industry or public service.


Custom C++ Graphics Engine

In early 2021 I built a custom Graphical Engine to try and understand Computer Graphics further. You are able to add a model (textured or not) into the engine and control the colour of that model and change the direction of lighting as seen in the video.

Custom C++ Physics Engine

At the Start of 2021 I built a Custom Physics Engine which helped me to further understand how physics in games works. I really enjoyed this little project and would like to learn more about physics in games.

Character Customization in Unity Engine

Whilst learning how Computer Graphics worked I made a character Customization scene in Unity. Where you could change the texture colour of the character. With this project I also did some research into animation with 3D models in Unity


Project Latch

Project Latch

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Built in 9 weeks using Unity Engine

At the end of 2020 I worked with a with a group to make a 2D Platformer. Where you played as a Robot called "Latch" and could control objects with you magnet and the goal was to get to the end of the level. This was my first group project I had worked on, whilst working on the project I learned a lot from my mistakes and gained knowledge on how to fix them.