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A Graduate software developer with an Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development, looking for work either in the games industry or public service.


Custom C++ Graphics Engine

In early 2021 I built a custom Graphical Engine to try and understand Computer Graphics further. You are able to add a model (textured or not) into the engine and control the colour of that model and change the direction of lighting as seen in the video.

Custom C++ Physics Engine

At the Start of 2021 I built a Custom Physics Engine which helped me to further understand how physics in games works. I really enjoyed this little project and would like to learn more about physics in games.

Character Customization in Unity Engine

Whilst learning how Computer Graphics worked I made a character Customization scene in Unity. Where you could change the texture colour of the character. With this project I also did some research into animation with 3D models in Unity


Project Latch

Project Latch

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Built in 9 weeks using Unity Engine

At the end of 2020 I worked with a with a group to make a 2D Platformer. Where you played as a Robot called "Latch" and could control objects with you magnet and the goal was to get to the end of the level. This was my first group project I had worked on, whilst working on the project I learned a lot from my mistakes and gained knowledge on how to fix them.

BLBC Video

BLBC Video

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Bad Luck Black Cat

Built in 15 weeks using Unreal Engine

Bad Luck Black Cat is a top down 3D farming adventure game for the PC where you play as a Black Cat who has moved to a small village called Bastion in hopes of curing their ever present bad luck. They must work with their new neighbours to grow and trade crops, overcoming their luck along the way.

Artificial Intelligence in Unreal Engine 4

Since leaning about Artificial Intelligence (AI) I was curious about Unreals AI System. I got my AI to hear, see and feel the player. The AI also has patrolling, can search, investigate, chase and attack the player.

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Too Many Bunnies VR

Built in 2 weeks using Unity Engine

“Too Many Bunnies!” is a single player VR shooter where the players goal is to stop waves of weird looking rabbit creatures from escaping by feeding them carrots using a powerful crossbow.

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