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Too Many Bunnies VR

“Too Many Bunnies!” is a single player VR shooter where the players goal is to stop waves of weird looking rabbit creatures from escaping by feeding them carrots using a powerful crossbow.

Earlier in 2021 we the students at AIE had to make a VR or AR game as one of our projects. There was a list to choose from, we as a group decided to choose wave shooter (since the VR headsets we were using was the Oculus Go). Soon as we decided Wave Shooter I started to think of some ideas, and the one that stood out to me the most was a "Balloon Tower Defense" type game. Everyone liked that idea so we all got to planning, doing concept art and prototyping.

Since I had taken on the player mechanics which was just shooting and UI. I had to figure out how input with Oculus Go works within Unity. Luckily there was a lot of information online about Input via the Go Controller.

When I got into the C# script I had to make sure I could use both Mouse input and Go Controller input so I quickly set that up. Than got to work on casting a ray to any collider it would it which made it easy for my to compare if the collided object was tagged with "Enemy". I then proceeded to make it so you could run out of ammo, but the tricky part came when I had to think about how to reload which I further discussed with my designers the best path to take. We eventually decided on having a timer to reload the gun after the clip is empty.

After adding the player controls I got worked with the other programmer on getting the interaction between the enemies to the player (loosing condition) we created a game object with a box collider that would trigger the player taking damage and depending on the colour of the enemies would effect how much damage the player would take. I began to add the UI to the game at this point making so that it was ready for when we pieced together the game.

After all the art was added and the level was designed our game looked like this.

On the last 2 days the designers asked if I could implement a visual for the crossbow firing a carrot which came to be a bit of challenge since this was my first time making a first person shooter but I implemented visual of the carrot in an odd way. In the end you could see the carrot firing off of the crossbow. The designers also requested to get rid of the carrots on the side to signal you are using up ammo, which was straight forward to implement.

I enjoyed this project even though it was rushed, communication and lack of work from one or more people it turned out to be a fun little VR Game.

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